Hikvision HiDDNS setup

Wednesday, 30 November 2016  |  Admin

1: For DVR, please go to DVR local Menu > Configuration > DDNS > Enable the DDNS > Select HiDDNS > Choose Region and Country> Input the Domain name > Apply.

2: After Apply, if it shows nothing, means successful register. If it shows “Communication to the server failed”, please double check the network and DNS settings.



For IPC, please go to IPC> Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Network > DDNS.




  1. Before you configure HiDDNS domain for your devices, you need to ensure the DNS server has also been correctly configured in the network interface, such as Please go to IPC> Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Network to check.

  2. In order to provide you better DDNS service, we highly recommend you to choose the region and country according to the device’s real location.

  3. For some reasons, the device still can’t be registered to the server after you have rightly configured the region and country for device. Please set it as default, and then manually configure server address to assigned DDNS server.