Upgrading your system

Tuesday, 21 July 2015  |  Admin

Not everybody who contacts Intellect CCTV for service is starting from the ground up. In fact, some of our customers call us to get up to date with their existing surveillance system, or to troubleshoot an existing one. Lately, many customers are interested in upgrading their old cameras to the newer, more network friendly,  IP cameras. This can be a difficult task for a business or residence to undertake, and can certainly get expensive. To avoid the headache, clients sometimes feel the need to scrap everything and start from scratch. This is not always the best approach.  Everything depends on your current situation. 

Instead of the old chunky VCR stacks of the past, all modern surveillance networks use Digital Video Recorders or DVR. Put very basically, a DVR is a computer part that converts the analog video feed into a digital feed. Since it is basically the brain of the network, it is always best to start with a DVR unit that records a sufficient amount of data, gets the FPS (frames per second) and resolution to an acceptable frame rate, while still taking into account possible future expansion. When upgrading an existing system, costs depend on what is currently in place and how well it is performing in that spot; if performance is not as desired, upgrading also allows administrators time to evaluate and rectify any previous issues they couldn’t address while network was fully operational.

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