How CCTV Can Actually Prevent Crime

Thursday, 22 February 2018  |  Admin

     Many businesses have used CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) for a wide range of purposes including work monitoring, surveillance and crime prevention. In the business world, the overall investment for a CCTV system is usually low, but the impact can be quite far-reaching and can save the business owner money over the long term. Although a camera installed high on the wall won’t directly prevent crime, it increases the sense of safety and can deter criminals from targeting your business. Let’s look at some ways a CCTV system can actually prevent crime and keep your business and your employees and customers safer.

Here are ways a CCTV system can reduce the level of crime:

  1. It creates deterrence: Criminals will be deterred from committing heinous activities if there is a comprehensive CCTV system in the area. Even if criminals cover their faces, there are often other clues that law enforcement agencies can obtain from CCTV to swiftly apprehend the perpetrators.
  2. It allows for a quick response: New digital implementations in CCTV technology allow computers to perform real-time data interpretation. Video analytics is a method to digitally examine video and audio feed from a network of cameras. Based on specific parameters, administrators can be immediately notified by the system for a quicker response.
  3. It reduces monitoring costs: Surveillance works well if it takes place 24/7. Unfortunately, human time can be costly for businesses. This is where a reliable CCTV system is essential. A computer server can handle many cameras in a large office or production facility including in holiday season. Although human operators can still be needed to watch the camera feeds, their workload can be reduced if an analytic feature is included. Constant monitoring is exhausting for human operators and the computer system will ensure that CCTV system stays effective. 
  4. It can be integrated with latest technology: For critical areas, specialized cameras can be installed. Motion detection is a simple technology that is easy to implement. When a human-shaped object enters the camera frame, the computer can immediately recognize it and notify the administrator. In a darker environment, FLIR cameras can be added into the CCTV system so suspicious heat-emitting sources, like burglars can be detected easily. Because modern CCTV systems are based on digital technology, software updates can be implemented to add new features without installing any new equipment.
  5. It eases criminal investigations: An effective way to lower the level of crime is to immediately identify and apprehend criminals. In reality, most criminals are sloppy and they often clearly show their faces on the camera.


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