The Benefits of CCTV

Wednesday, 31 January 2018  |  Admin

Whether you own a small retail shop, or your business includes multiple buildings including warehouses, a showroom and storage garages, keeping track of everything in it is important. The security of your business and your employees should always be a priority for any business owner and that security begins with the latest technology.


Installing a CCTV (closed circuit television) system can help you keep your business and everything in it safe and secure and give you the opportunity to keep an eye on things when you are not there. In fact, a CCTV system is the most important part of any business security system and we are going to tell you why.


There are many benefits to installing a CCTV system. From monitoring your warehouses and stockrooms, to reducing insurance premiums, a CCTV system provides an excellent ROI. Here are some of the benefits of installing a CCTV system in your business:


1. Monitor intruders- Being able to monitor intruders and see what they have taken or destroyed is important. It can help the police catch them sooner, show the insurance company what was stolen and help you understand just how they broke into your business in the first place.

2. Helps save on security costs- A CCTV system can take the place of a manned security system, Studies show that a camera is just as effective at reducing illegal activity as a security guard. Plus, the CCTV system never takes a break.

3. Provides a complete record- CCTV systems help businesses capture complete records to show what is really going on. Add a DVR to ensure you have a copy of the footage for police, legal or insurance purposes.

4. Monitor your staff- Monitoring your staff to ensure they are working and not wasting company time is important as that could cost you money. It also helps to keep employees in line and prevent internal theft.

5. Help reduce insurance premiums- Potentially dangerous areas in your workplace where there is a possibility of a fatality should be monitored carefully. Installing a CCTV system will enable you to monitor these areas and help reduce insurance premiums by reducing the number of claims filed by employees or customers who become injured from negligence on their part.

6. Makes your business more profitable- We all want a more profitable business and ensuring a safe work environment for your employees, customers, vendors and other people can make that happen. A CCTV system will reduce theft, prevent internal theft, ensure employees are acting appropriately to and around customers, and help keep vendors honest when dropping off shipments during busy times.

     Installing a CCTV system in your business is an important investment that every business owner should consider. If you are considering installing one in your business, contact Intellect Home and Business Security today.

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