How To Setup Mobile Viewing

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1.     Please ensure that you have your Digital Video Recorder connected to the internet by Ethernet Cable or USB Wifi. And that this connection is active. Contact us and Ask for Internet Connection Guide for your DVR if you have not done this already.


2.     On your Digital Video Recorder you will need to navigate to the correct area for you to create the connection for your mobile.

a.     Right Click on the Screen.

b.     Access the Guid (Second Icon on the left).

c.      Make sure that the cloud server is Enabled and press Next Page.

d.     On this page you can choose to download the app for Android or IoS that is compatible with your DVR. However we suggest downloading TopsView from either the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Once you have downloaded the TopsView app on your phone you will need to follow the next set of instructions on your phone in the TopsView app.

It’s IMPORTANT to Decide on your connection to the DVR for more users at a later stage:

One User:                    Use Local Login as an option
Multiple Users:           Create and account with TopsView

Adding another user at a later stage may require you to delete the DVR from the TopsView local login. This will be explained In another guide called
How to remove a DVR from TopsView Application


3.     Open the TopsView app and Login using one of the methods that you have decided on above.


4.     Once logged in you will have to connect the Digital Video Recorder with the app this can be done by scanning the QR code from the digital video recorder.

a.     Press the Plus icon in the circle just underneath the black box.

b.     Select Two-dimensional code scanning.

c.      Scan the QR code which is labelled as “SN” on the DVR

d.     Once the code is scanned you will be required to choose a name for the DVR   (e.g “Home Security”).

e.     The Username is the Username which is being used on the DVR.

f.       The Password will be the Password for the user on the DVR. If there is no password then you can leave this field blank.

g.     Once all the details have been filled out, you can confirm them by using the tick icon.


This should complete your connection to the Digital Video Recorder and you should be able to view each of your cameras individually or at the same time by using the TopsView application. If your connection on your phone is strong then there souldnt be a problem with connecting. If you are on WiFi please make sure that your connectivity to the WiFi is also High.


No luck?

If the guide does not help with the Set-up of the DVR then there are a few more options you can try.

1.     Restart your router to refresh the connection to your DVR and Cloud Server.

2.     Make sure that DHCP has been enabled from the Network Tab on the DVR.

3.     Ensure that the Cloud Server has been enabled.


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